Seven Seas’ Newest “Catch”

Lowcountry’s favorite seafood market is Seven Seas. Known throughout Murrells Inlet and beyond as THE place to shop for a huge selection of fresh local seafood, the market has expanded its wares to include wine! The hand-picked collection includes a pleasing line-up of reds, whites, pinks and a bubbly Prosecco, too. Don’t miss their finely crafted canned wines – perfect for loading in the cooler and taking on the boat or any outing where BYOW is an option. Select your seafood and pair it with some vino for one-shop shopping. Quite often, there are beautiful USDA steaks on ice in the display case alongside whatever’s biting. As we go to press, delectible fresh Sheepshead is in the house. Served broiled, grilled or fried, it’s sweet, tender and not at all fishy. If you don’t know, ask how to best prepare it – staffers are easy to talk to. If you don’t feel like cooking, give the folks at Russell’s a call (843.651.0553).  Sheepshead has been a popular addition to their list of tasty specials lately. The folks at Russell’s and Seven Seas are on the same page when it comes to fresh seafood. We think they make a terrific team.

If you’re craving boiled blue crabs or shrimp, the Seven Seas crew will cheerfully boil up a batch for you. Blue crabs burrow into the mud during colder months, so now’s the time for ample harvests and you can bet Seven Seas is on it.

Stop in today and shop their ample offerings of savory seafood. Fresh crab cakes are prepared daily and are popular for a reason.  Headed out to a party and need a dish?  Pick up some pickled shrimp and make an impression. Made in-house, there are usually two signature kinds: a vinegar-based version and a sweeter option in a special red sauce.  Both are sure to be hits, and how easy is that?  The fridges are stocked daily with homemade chowders, she crab soup, shrimp and crab dips – there’s a lot to choose from, friendly faces and helpful advice. The walls are lined with pictures of local fishermen and women with their catches or at work on the high seas.

Kimberly Duncan